Library Board Meeting Minutes, November 2008

November 17, 2008

President Carol Pellett called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.

Present:  Carol Pellett, Mary Jo Andrak, Anne Passarelli, Anne Jackets, Marla Hovey, Susan Rombeek, Stella Spring, Harry Finks


The September 15, 2008, minutes were approved as written.

The treasurer’s report showed a current balance of $5229.12.  Susan Rombeek requested that the money given to the library in memory of Ed Rombeek be used for future library expansion.   The treasurer was authorized to purchase a regular CD with adequate funds to get the best rate.

Library usage numbers for September and October were a bit down.  The opening of the library for family night began in November, and numbers will be reflected next time.

New Business

Holiday Bazaar:  Carol Pellett and Anne Jackets will sell items at the Holiday Bazaar.  Susan Rombeek will talk with Jan Ebersole about a design for hats, perhaps the design from the last Dog Island Run.

Election: The following officers and directors were elected for two year terms:

Anne Jackets        Vice President

Marla Hovey         Treasurer

Terry Ebersole       Director

Mary Jo Andrak     Director

Next year’s election will be in September 2009.

Lights in the Library:  The board voted to replace the lights in the library with high energy, low cost bulbs and fixtures.  Howard Pellett will purchase them for the library.  It is recommended that we hire Lights On (Weston Johnson) to do this work.

Community Center Donation:  The board voted to make a donation of $500 to the Community Center.

Dog Island Run 2009:  The following discussion and decisions were made concerning the 2009 Dog Island Run:

  • The Dog Island Run will be on June 6, 2009.
  • The plan is to continue to use the same route.
  • The brochure will again be printed on shiny paper.
  • La Vie En Rose to be removed from supporters list.  Food Pavilion is nowThe Market.  Index Cable is a question.
  • Susan Rombeek will talk with the Manager at Chandler Square concerning the possible continued use of their bus.   She also will talk with others including, SKAT and Cap Sante.
  • Brochures should be ready by March 1.  Registration deadline will be May 29 or 30.  The website should show on the front of the brochure.
  • A shirt design has been created by Jan Ebersole, who will make the decision as to the color of the shirt.    The same tee shirt company will make the short-sleeved shirts.  We will order ten Children’s Small and ten Children’s Medium shirts to be sold at the event.  We will order additional small adults shirts for larger children.   A line saying “children’s tee shirts available for sale at the race” will be included in the brochure.  (Price was not decided.)
  • The idea of advertising the Run on the banner over Commercial in Anacortes was discussed.  The decision was made not to do so.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 P.M.

Minutes written by,

Harry Finks


Next Meeting:  January 19, 2009  (No December meeting)



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