Library Board Meeting Minutes, April 2009

Guemes Island Library Board Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2009


President Carol Pellett called the meeting to order at 7:35 P.M.

Present:  Mary Jo Andrak, Anne Jackets, Marla Hovey, Anne Passarelli, Susan Rombeek, Terry Ebersole, Carol Pellett, Harry Finks



  • The March 16 minutes were approved as written.
  • The treasurer’s report was submitted and discussed.
  • Library use for March  included 102 regular patrons, 28 family night, and 4 computers.


Old Business:

  • Tim Wittman and Fran Bohall represented us at the Tulip Run.
  • Dog Island Run brochures need to be distributed by all at this time.
  • There are seven completed registrations for the Run at this time.
  • The road permit is in process.
  • Anne Jackets has taken care of obtaining the trophies.
  • Wizard of Ooze will place two units at the park at end of the race and one on the route at Shoultz’s.
  • The board discussed the importance of accessibility at the pavilion.
  • Susan Rombeek showed a sample of the new hat designed by Jan Ebersole. 25 tan hats and 25 royal blue ones will be sold for $15.00 each.
  • Some discussion of gifts for volunteers took place.
  • List of things to be done:
    • Tee shirts will be brought to the next board meeting.  There will be more to sell than usual as children’s sizes have been ordered. There will also be hats.  Susan will be in charge of shirts, and Harry will assist her.  Kathy Finks will be asked to help.
    • Anne Jackets will obtain 5  dozen bagels from the Market at Anacortes.  She will order a case of oranges and a case of bananas.  She will also look into an appropriate drink to have available at the end of the race.
    • All board members should look for a place to obtain small bottles of water.
    • Carol will arrange water for the stands.   Anne Passarelli will help at the water stand at Merrow’s driveway and Anne Jackets at Banjo Eddie’s.
    • Howard Pellett will set up the canopy.  Don Passarelli and Mike Jackets will be asked to help him.
    • MJ will talk with Chuck Hallingstad about putting up the banner on the arch..  George is to talk with Matt about the other road banner.   Carol will follow up on that.
    • Howard Pellett will assist Jim Dugan on traffic control.  More volunteers would help this process.
    • Jan Ebersole is to give signs to Susan.
    • Needs for the day include: 4 tables from the hall, bulletin board divider, and garbage cans.
    • Anne Casperson will be both the lead car and follow car.
    • Carol will talk with the fire department.
    • Tim Wittman will mark the road and take care of cones.
    • Harry will pick up ballpoint pens from Skagit Bank.
    • Marla will greet walk ones on the other side.


New Business:

  • MJ spoke about a postcard contest fund raiser being conducted by LineTime.  The board voted that we sell these postcards on consignment along with other items at the Run.
  • Anne Passarelli asked for discussion on how to better coordinate the processes of weeding out books and adding new ones.
  • Carol Pellett asked the Board to think about low-key inquiry as to possible land acquisition that could be used as a possible place for a future library.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 P.M.


Minutes written by:


Harry Finks



Next meeting:  May 18, 2009 at 7:30 at 


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