Library Board Minutes, January 2010

Guemes Island Library Board Minutes
January 18, 2010

President Carol Pellett called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.
Present: Mary Jo Andrak, Anne Jackets, Anne Passarelli, Terry Ebersole, Harry Finks, Carol Pellett

Minutes of the November 19, 2009, meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer’s report showing a total balance of $11,875.94 was accepted. Some questions exist concerning Washington Federal’s taking over Horizon Bank.

Reports: The Library Usage report for 2009 showed 1106 library users, 59 computer users and 450 after school family users. There is a sizable increase in this latter category (from 56 in 2008 to 450 in 2009).

Old Business:


  • Sue Gwost will paint the wall in the library on Thursday (1-21-10). She suggests that plexiglass be placed under the front window once the painting is done. The door frame will be painted later.
  • A commercial lock is now installed on the front door.
  • Mary Jo Andrak explained more about the PayPal system.
  • The next library board meeting is scheduled for March 1.

Dog Island Run:


  • The run is listed in Adventures Northwest. We will not run an ad.
  • Puget Sound Energy has agreed to use their equipment to put up the banner.
  • The pavilion has been scheduled for the event.
  • Brochure changes: Terry Ebersole instead of Jan Ebersole as contact, replace Horizon Bank with Washington Federal, replace Evening Star with Guemes Tide, add Puget Sound Energy. Also add, PayPal available. The brochure will be finalized at the March 1 meeting. This should allow time for brochure to be available by April 1.
  • Registration deadlines: May 28 and June 2 if registering with PayPal.
  • Carol Pellett will talk with Sue Rombeek to get full information on past shirt ordering and numbers. This year’s needs can then be determined.

New Business:


  • There will be no additional order of book bags at this time.
  • A $500 donation to GICCA was approved.
  • Discussion of the need to upgrade the computer and monitor for the library was held. This was agreed to, and will be done after the Dog Island Run.
  • The library will be opened and supervised by Kathy Finks during GICCA meetings.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.
The next meeting will be on March 1, 2010, at 7:30 p.m.

Minutes written by:

Harry Finks

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